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07 Aug

Having children is one of the wonderful and beautiful things to most parents. Every day, parents get to learn new things about their children as they watch them experience a number of event in their lives. However, regardless of the joy and wonder-inducing moment that children generate, there is a margin of error for rearing children. At times parents do make mistakes while raising their children. If you would like to be a good parent, you need to take a look at this article as it provided the tips to parenting more so for the traveling parent. You can learn more on parenting tips.

When you have children, traveling to work seems like a chance to leave your kids alone without your proper attention.  Most parents find it challenging when they travel on a business trip over the weekend or for a week or month. The situation is not only difficult for parents but also for the children. However, when you know you are about to travel, you need to know when to share the news with your children. It is worth noting that the time to share the news of your upcoming business trip depends on your child's age and temperament. For instance when you have a toddler, it will be hard to tell them since most of them don't understand the concept of time, besides the elementary-age kids may be experiencing trouble differentiating few days from a week, therefore, the  best way to inform them is to give them a couple of days' notice before you travel. On the other hand, when you have young children, you need to provide them with shorter time frame notice as this will lower the length of time for them to worry. In addition, the young children tend to get overly anxious about their parents traveling.  Moreover, teens and older kid tend to be more independent and are less affected by their parents traveling.

In addition, before you travel, you need to provide your children with enough details including where you are going, the purpose of your travel, how your children can contact you as well as the date you will return. If you have young kids, they may not understand the dates pretty well, therefore, you need to mark your departure and return dates on the calendar for them to see. You need to inform them to cross out each day on the calendar when they wake up every morning until the day you will come. In addition, you need to tell them the person who will be taking care of them while you are away, and whether the custodian will have to stay with them in the house or will have to go elsewhere. Read more on parenting here:

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